Christ the Cornerstone Academy
San Diego, CA


Christ the Cornerstone Academy, private school, located in Mira Mesa provides a loving Christian education, before and after school care, PE, Art Class, Computer Class, and much more.  Our amazing families have some pretty wonderful things to say about us.


- Michael & Nadine Demyanovich (Parents)

Thank you to everyone at Christ the Cornerstone Academy who helped build a solid foundation for my son Casey. Mrs. Belt, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Dusi, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Jenkins, and Mrs. Mayeski.  Without the dedication of all these top-notch teachers, Casey would not be the outstanding student and great person he is today. This coming fall he had a choice of going to Princeton or Stanford. He decided to attend the best of the best so Stanford it is. Without all the years of guidance, and encouragement from the CTC family this never would have happened. I'm so grateful to all of you, and I will never forget any of you.

- James Opiela (Parent)

The company I work for (currently just down the street from CTCA) was acquired earlier in the year right before I went out on maternity leave. I learned this week that I will be moving to a role at our parent organization downtown in October. Since we live in La Mesa, there's no way we can continue to bring Billy up to the CTCA campus in the mornings. We've explored every option we can think of. 

We adore the school and it has been a tremendous blessing to our entire family. We'll miss everyone and will especially miss having Billy in chapel on Wednesdays. He made some amazing friends last year and we loved the supportive and encouraging community the school has built around its amazing academic program. 

If anything changes or if we're able to move up closer to the Mira Mesa area, we will happily seek to enroll Billy again in the future. We know CTCA gave him a great foundation in his education, a supportive environment in which to grow in confidence and character, and helped him develop a faith-based worldview that I hope and pray he'll carry throughout his life. Thanks for everything! 

- Claire Maurer (Parent)

I received my sixth interview offer to optometry school.  Four out of the six schools were in my top five choices. Yesterday, I was accepted to my dream school in Chicago, something I had only imagined but did not know would ever come true... However, after carefully reviewing my options I decided to go to the New England College of Optometry. I want to say thank you to everyone at CTCA; the staff and my friends who all had faith and believed in me. You all have been supportive of me when I was working at CTCA, even when I made the difficult decision to leave to study for my exam. Thank you everyone! I really do love you all! I'm going to do the best I can to be the most successful optometrist I can be and give back to the children because they really are our future. That is something I learned being a part of the CTCA team.

- Tina (Former CTCA Administrative Assistant)