Miss Karla, Preschool Teacher

(Purple Butterflies)

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Attending San Diego Community College and Cal State San Marcos, Karla earned an A.A. Degree in Child Development and a B.A. Degree in Liberal Studies.  As a Preschool Teacher at CTCA, Karla’s favorite subjects to teach are phonics / literature and music. 

Working in the educational field for over nine years, Karla became a teacher because she wanted to make a difference in today’s world.  During her first days at CTCA, as an ROP student, she felt at home with her school family Ms. Quynh, Ms. Diana, Ms. Susan, and all the staff.

What is Karla’s philosophy of education?  “Building a bridge between home and school is what makes a difference in a child’s development and education.”

When asked what her favorite bible passage or verse is (and what it means to her), Karla answered “1 Corinthians 13:4-7, this verse reminds me to do all in love and in God’s name.  It helps me by telling how I can show God’s love.”

An interesting fact about Karla, most people may not know, is she is a human rights activist, specializing in immigration issues.  She has lobbied with representatives in Sacramento, fighting for a human immigration reform.  She really likes being involved and educating others on border issues.

Some of Karla’s hobbies include reading, and traveling to many parts of Mexico, California, Belize, and Guatemala.  She is married, has one son, and a cat.