Preschool Enrollment

Registration fee is an annual charge that serves as a non-refundable deposit to guarantee a position in class provided all other requirements for admission are met accordingly.

Annual tuition is based on the number of school days in the preschool calendar year.  It will not be prorated for the following reasons:

  • Closed for preschool staff In-Service.
  • In months with holidays and vacations .
  • Closed one day in the spring for a Teacher Conference. Date to be determined.
  • If the child is sick and has to stay home per school health policy.
  • If the school is closed due to unforeseen events.
  • If the child leaves the school temporarily for family vacations.

Tuition payment is due every 1st of the month. Your account will be assessed a late fee if payment is received after the 5th of the month.

A returned check fee will be charged to your account if your bank returns your check unpaid.

A 30-day written notice is required when withdrawing a child for any reason.  Payment is required for the 30 days following the date of notice.

Discounts available for students are as follows:

  • Cash– 4% if tuition is paid in full (12 months) by the 1st of September and 2% if tuition is paid in two (2) equal amounts, one by September 1 and another by March 1 (Only one discount will be given to each child).
  • Sibling – 10% for the 2nd child and 15% for each additional sibling - the eldest will be considered the first child for bookkeeping purposes.
  • Military Discount – The discount for Active Military families is 5%.

A referral fee of $100.00 will be credited to your account if you refer a new family to our school. The family must inform us of the referral at the time of enrollment. The student must also attend the school for a minimum of 3 months before your account is credited.

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