Christ the Cornerstone Academy
San Diego, CA


Christ the Cornerstone Academy Preschool

Christ the Cornerstone Academy is a private Christian school located in San Diego, CA. We share your desire to provide a high-quality Christian education for your children. Christ the Cornerstone Academy assists parents in nurturing and enriching the lives of their children through a caring program. The choice of half day or full day classes provides an excellent readiness program for two, three, and four year old children

Christ the Cornerstone Academy was established to provide a balanced program of educational experience and a nurturing Christian environment for children two through five years of age. Recognizing the importance of balanced growth, our staff will provide the opportunity for intellectual, emotional, physical, creative, social, and spiritual development of your child. The Board of Christian Education has chosen the Abeka Christian curriculum and the Concordia religion series to achieve these goals. 

Childhood is a time for fun, but also a time for learning. It is a time for developing new relationships with the world and the people in it, for exploring, and becoming independent, and meeting a whole range of new challenges. Every child is given the opportunity to develop his/her abilities in the same measure as the Lord has blessed him/her. At Christ the Cornerstone Preschool, early Christian Education makes a difference.

The STUDY PROGRAM includes:

  • Bible Studies
  • Reading Readiness (Phonics)
  • Thematic Unit Studies
  • Learning Centers
  • Language Development
  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education

The GOALS of Christ the Cornerstone Preschool are to encourage children to: 

  • Interact with peers and adults in a respectful manner
  • Develop readiness skills in reading, writing, science, and math concepts
  • Develop small and large motor skills
  • Write their name using upper and lower case letters
  • Become familiar with the alphabet and consonant sounds
  • Participate in dramatic, free, imaginative, and organized play
  • Develop an appreciation of the arts through singing, art processes, story-telling, circle time, and creative movement

All students are required by Community Care Licensing to have an official immunization record and birth certificate on file. Your child’s immunization record must be up to date before they begin school. A TB test is also required. Each student must have proof of a negative Mantoux skin test. The doctor must also sign off on the Lead Test compliance form and the Physician’s Report. 

Parents of Preschool Children:

  • A child entering the 3-year old program must be 3 years old and toilet-trained
  • A child entering the 4-year old program must be 4 years old by September 1

(These dates may change in the upcoming school years pending California Law Changes)