Christ the Cornerstone Academy
San Diego, CA

PE & Computer Teacher - Jolene Carlos

Ms. Carlos, PE and Computer Teacher

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I started my higher education late in life. In my late thirties, I decided to go back to school to get a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. However in 2000, after my second year in school, the Lord called me in a different direction, Christ the Cornerstone Academy. I have worked with over 1700 children and their parents throughout the school year, and nearly 600 more, through our summer program. I love the children. I love my job(s). I love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As a Physical Education instructor, my philosophy is to engage children with a positive attitude about exercise and game-play. I think it is important to have children, of all ages, learn to play organized games, as early as possible. I feel it improves their self -confidence, as well as, their coordination. Also, as children learn to play group sports, it improves their social skills. Learning to be a “Good Sport” can be a very hard lesson to learn. The sooner we introduce the idea, the longer we have to perfect it!

Our school purchased a curriculum called Beyond Technology, which came with 3 years of professional development, to be able to teach the programs. Each year, I was sent to San Clemente, for a week of training with the curriculum. I have achieved over 80 hours of training from the curriculum. We also had the same company come in and they gave all of our teachers Professional Development for another 18 months of training. I truly enjoy teaching the Computer class, and the children all seem to love learning about it, too. We use Mavis Beacon Typing as our keyboard and typing program. The children love to play the typing games that go along with the lessons.