Christ the Cornerstone Academy
San Diego, CA


Christ the Cornerstone Academy (private school), Mira Mesa San Diego CA, summer program for students who have completed Kindergarten through those who have completed 8th grade.  The program is filled with academic review, field trips, a summer musical, and more!  Morning sessions will include refreshers in reading and  math as well as music and enrichment such as computers, cooking, along with arts and crafts.  

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Summer Program 2019

Christ the Cornerstone Academy is offering a great Summer Program for students who entering 1st - 9th grade. This years program is filled with academic review, field trips, a summer musical, and more!

The morning session, academic review, will include refreshers in: Math, Reading, Music, Computer Science, STEM, Coding, Ice Skating, Swimming, Bowling, Cooking and much more

Students who have completed 4th grade or above and who are signed up for at least four consecutive weeks will work on the ALEKS Computer Math in their summer program.  This program allows for individualized math learning and will cost $30.00 for one month or $40.00 for two months.

Schedule is subject to change depending on class sign-ups.  Occasionally an afternoon field trip may leave prior to 12 noon.  For those students who are here for the half day morning academic sessions, a teacher will remain with these students to finish the academic work for the day.

The afternoon session is from 12 noon to 6:00pm.

Field Trips

Field trip locations may include Mira Mesa Bowl, San Diego Ice Arena, Ned Baumer Swimming Pool, Torrey Pines State Beach, Breen Park, and additional field trips TBA.  As always, our field trips are dependent on parent involvement. Parents have always been a great asset to our school and CTCA wants to thank you for such devotion.

Our field trips will take us to many exciting places.  When we go on these trips, various items will be needed for your child:

  • Booster Seat: All children under the age of 8 years old require a booster seat. Please put your child's name on it and place it by the lunch tables in the courtyard.

  • Swimming and Water Days: Your child will need to bring: sunscreen, a swimsuit, towel, hat, and they may bring flip flops (they can not wear flip flops to school - change into them at field trip destination and take them off when returning to school). Once back at school, they will change into their regular dry street clothes. Please put your child's name on every item they bring. We can keep their sunscreen in a bucket at school as long as each one is labeled with the child's name.

  • Outdoor Field Trips: For any field trip where we will be outside most of the day, children need to bring: water bottles, sunscreen, hats, and a small lightweight backpack. They should also wear light colored clothing as lighter colors do not attract as much heat as dark colors.

  • Ice Skating: Please have your child wear knee length socks, long pants, long sleeved shirts, jackets, and mittens or gloves.

  • Bowling: Please have your child wear a pair of socks to be eligible to rent shoes. They may also bring some money to purchase one or two items from the snack bar.

  • Bike & Scooter Day: Children must bring and wear helmets at all times while riding. Children must obey all of the traffic rules or they will lose the privilege of riding for the day.

For more information or to register your child for our Summer Program, please contact our school office at 858-566-1741.