Scope & Sequence

Physical Education

My philosophy for teaching Physical Education is not only to cover California State Standards, but to make physical fitness fun and to create a lasting positive attitude about health and well-being.  Our focus is primarily on partner and team based activities to teach children the importance of a positive social interaction with their classmates.  In addition, team and partner activities help children learn to empathize with one another, something we consider to be of paramount importance at the Academy level.

I believe in teaching children all positions of a sport or game, and to let them play all positions.  In doing so, they will gain a much broader base of knowledge and experience which will enhance their comfort level with the activity.  And in turn, they will appreciate the activity for the fun, as well as the fitness.

Kindergarten through Second Grade will be learning basic principles of; volleyball, pickle ball, basketball, kickball, baseball, and soccer.  They will work with jump ropes, hula hoops, beanbags, and learn hopscotch.  I use freeze tag as a way for them to run for small periods of time.

Third through Fifth Grade will be learning more intermediate levels of the same activities as Kindergarten through Second Grade.  Our Third through Fifth Grades have the option of participating in intermural volleyball and basketball, as the seasons dictate.  In addition, they will be training for the annual Cross Country Track Meet, that is put on by Lutheran High School, beginning in January.  The track meet is held in March of each year.

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