Christ the Cornerstone Academy
San Diego, CA

Bio - AC - 4th Grade - Jackie Fisher

San Diego based (Mira Mesa) Christ the Cornerstone Academy fourth grade teacher Mrs. Fisher.

Mrs. Fisher, 4th & 5th Grade Teacher

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Attending Cal State University Long Beach, Jackie earned a Bachelors Degree in Home Economics, Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, and equivalent postgraduate units to fulfill a Master’s Degree.  When asked what her favorite subject to teach is, she responded, “I love to teach all my subjects from a Christian world-view to see God at work through the natural world (science); see His hand in history; and teach kids how to express themselves through God’s gift of language.  Seeing God’s word become relevant in a child’s life gives me immense satisfaction.  Helping children understand how the Holy Spirit can give them the courage and power to make Godly choices is an amazing process.”

Working in the educational field for over 29 years, Jackie became a teacher because “when I was in 4th grade I got a poor grade in ‘work and study habits.’  When my mother went to the parent conference the teacher explained that I spent so much time helping classmates understand the assignments, that I would not finish my own work.  Even as a child I desired to help others learn.”  Jackie took a teaching position at CTCA because “teaching at a Christian school allows me to develop relationships with students and their families in order to share the good news of Jesus Christ.”

What is Jackie’s philosophy of education?  “Children are precious to Jesus.  He encourages us to bring them to Him.  My first priority in the classroom is to show children who Jesus is and what He has done for them; then nurture them in principles from God’s Word and show them, by my example, the way He wants them to speak and act.  My next priority is to academic instruction.  God wants us to do our very best in all we do and I desire to see each child reach a level of learning that is excellent according to their abilities.  High standards during my 19 years of teaching have challenged students to achieve their personal best in all academic areas.  A safe environment is where children can be respected, learn to respect others, and grow in responsibility for their own education.  Communication is key.  Parents and teachers are partners in the learning process.  It’s my desire to work with parents to help each child achieve balance as they experience the unique opportunities here at CTCA.  Children who grow physically must also progress socially, emotionally, and spiritually in their relationship with Jesus.  In choosing a Christian education parents are establishing a solid foundation for their child and his or her future educational endeavors and helping them to become a mature member of society.”

When asked what her favorite bible passage or verse is (and what it means to her), Jackie answered “Proverbs 13:14, the teaching of a wise person brings life.  It’s important for me to keep my walk with God fresh and strong so I can share God’s wisdom with my students daily.  A wise person remains patient and loving when students are not always at their best.”

Some of Jackie’s hobbies include gardening (thornless blackberry vines and flowers), reading, spending time with my grandkids and children.  Jackie is married and has three grown children and six grandchildren.  And, she was in ministry as a Pastor’s wife for over 25 years.